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Thai Massage Price List

Whilst we provide a range of traditional Thai massage techniques in Harrogate, our pricing structure is refreshingly simple!

Taster Session - 10 minutes
For those who are new to Thai massage, why not try a "taster" session. We will explain all aspects of Thai massage and it's benefits. You will then be given the opportunity to experience a short session using one or two different techniques. We're sure that you will want to come back and benefit from a more thorough massage!
Price: 10:00

Standard Session - 30 minutes
Whether you are looking for a single session or a comprehenive programme over several weeks, this is our most popular choice. We can tailor a customised, unique programme of treatments based on your individual needs and preferences. This can be as simple as a relaxing, gentle foot massage to help you unwind after a hard day at the office to a more focussed approach to such things as recuperation from sporting injuries etc. Traditional Thai massage is as much about treating the body as it is about relaxing the mind. This ancient practice will help you to leave behind the challenges and stresses of a fast paced modern lifestyle.
Price: 25:00

Extended Session - 1 hour
Every now and then only pure indulgence will do! Place yourself in our capable hands and let us ease away the tensions while you drift off into a state of blissful relaxation. Forget the noise and clamour of the city in our quiet, tranquil surroundings. You may choose from a head, body or foot massage or even a combination of the lot. It's your time now, so let us take the strain!
Price: 45:00

Some of our Thai massage therapies require the use of special aromatic oils. The price of these oils is not included in the session price. The use of and nature of any speciality oils will be fully explained prior to use. If you have any specific requirements eg special skin conditions, please let us know in advance.
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Tel: 07753 323292
Email: paphanin[at]thaigardenmassage.co.uk
Address: Warren Lodge, Ripon Road
Harrogate, Killinghall, HG3 2AT
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